THE ORIGINAL, ICONIC BUSYHEAD: Always Busy, Always Thinking... You’re always busy thinking about your work, school, plans, ideas. Many things at once! This makes the fun, creative, original, iconic Busyheads look perfect for you. Show the world you’re a busyhead – and proud of it!

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SNOWBOARDER: On a board for gliding on snow, resembling a wide ski, with both feet secured so that one rides in an upright position.

IN OUR WORDS: What can be more fun than making smooth turn after turn on fresh snow? There’s no greater thrill than attacking the hills with confidence and executing tricks – but only if you are really proficient.

The Busyheads Ice Hockey Tee. It’s for all those whose heads are goal oriented.

ICE HOCKEY: A contact sport played on ice in which two teams use their sticks to shoot a puck into their opponent’s net.

IN OUR WORDS: Some people might say it’s a fight in which an occasional game breaks out, but that’s the professionals. At all other levels, boys and girls, men and women love the exercise, competition, and camaraderie of ice hockey.

The Busyheads Ice Hockey Tee. It’s for all those whose heads are goal oriented.

BASEBALL: A game played between two nine-player teams who hit a ball with a bat and try to score by running to each of the four bases.

IN OUR WORDS: From tee-ball to Little League, high school and beyond, America’s game is enjoyed wherever there’s a field and an enthusiastic group of fun-loving players. You compete as an individual and as a valuable member of a team. The call to “Play ball!” is one that brings out the competitive spirit in all of us.

The Busyheads Baseball Tee. It’s for those whose heads are full of diamonds.

KAYAKING: An Eskimo canoe with a skin cover on a light framework, propelled with a double-bladed paddle.

IN OUR WORDS: An all ages addiction for to the indescribable feeling of pushing away from the shore, leaving one’s cares on the water banks, getting a low-impact, keep-cool workout that is embraced by nature in search of finding the adventures and sights in places only accessible to a select few.

The Busyheads Kayaking Tee. It’s for all those whose heads are watertight.

SCUBA: A mode of underwater diving in where the diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus (scuba) to breathe.

IN OUR WORDS: an exploration of a world below that few are fortunate enough to ever see, experience and perhaps even touch. It’s an adventure that scuba divers never tire of, because at every turn there’s something marvelous and new – from dolphins and fish, to other sea creatures and corals.

The Busyheads Scuba Diver Tee. It’s for those whose heads are in deep thought.

GOLF: Game played on a large open-air course, in which a small hard ball is struck with a club into a series of small holes in the ground, the object being to use the fewest possible strokes to complete the course.

IN OUR WORDS: Always challenging, sometimes frustrating, occasionally rewarding, and for some, totally addictive. It’s a game for all ages, male and female…to enjoy with friends, relatives, and as a venue for meeting people from all walks of life.

The Busyheads Golf Tee. It’s for those whose heads are a fairway away.

SLEDDING: A recreational activity that involves sliding down a snowy or icy hill on a low friction board, tube, or other creative sliding device.

IN OUR WORDS: Everybody loves to go sledding as soon as the weather permits –little kids, teenagers and, yes, admit it, even adults. We all thrill to downhill adventure. Throw in a snowball fight, and a cold day is filled with laughter and joy.

The Busyheads Sledding Tee. It’s for all those whose heads are slip, sliding away.

DOWNHILL SKIER: The sport or recreation of sliding down snow-covered hills on skis with fixed-heel bindings.

IN OUR WORDS: Skiing is invigorating, thrilling, challenging, and the exercise is good for you! From beginners to black diamond experts, everyone who finishes a run can’t wait to do it again, and again. And a warm drink afterwards is all-the-more enjoyable.

The Busyheads Downhill Skier Tee. It’s for those whose heads are on a slippery slope.

FISHING: The activity of catching fish, either for food or as a sport.

IN OUR WORDS: Whether on a dock, from a boat, on the ocean, pond, or lake, those with a passion for fishing go for it hook, line, and sinker. No wonder. It’s relaxing, quiet, and peaceful…until you have a big one on the line!

The Busyheads Fishing Tee. It’s for all those whose heads are reel happy.

SAILOR: a person who goes sailing as a sport or recreation and who rarely becomes sick at sea in rough weather.

IN OUR WORDS: Surely there can’t be anything more mind expanding than catching the wind in your sails, and letting it carry your craft smoothly and safely from one point to another. We salute those who find skippering their own boat compelling.

The Busyheads Sailor Tee. It’s for those whose heads are gone with the wind.

ICE SKATING: The act of moving on ice by means of ice skates on ponds or on specially prepared ice surfaces.

IN OUR WORDS: Okay, we can’t all be figure skating champions like Michelle Kwan or Brian Boitano, but millions of us love to lace up our skates every winter and have fun with family and friends. And outdoors, it can be a no-cost way to burn calories and stay fit!

The Busyheads Ice Skating Tee. It’s for those whose heads appreciate a balanced life.

PILOT: A person who operates the flying controls of an aircraft.

IN OUR WORDS: Soaring into the wide blue yonder is an exhilarating experience like no other. The remarkable view from a unique vantage point thousands of feet in the air, with the plane’s power, nuances, and agility all under your control. And the pride and accomplishment you feel when landing the aircraft smoothly and safely every time.

The Busyheads Pilot Tee. It’s for those with their head in the clouds.